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  • How to weigh your horse

  • The ability to weigh your horse is a hugely under rated tool. Whether it is estimating your horse's weight for medication- wormers, sedation etc, or as part of a monitoring plan for weight loss or gain, we encourage all owners to weigh their horses once a month in order to pick up any changes.

  • STEP 1) Measure the girth (cm) by passing the tape around the horse, immediately behind the elbow and withers.


    = 185 cm



  • STEP 2) Measure body length in cm. Measure from the point of the shoulder to the point of the buttock (tuber ischii).


    = 175cm

  • STEP 3) Use the formula:  GIRTH (cm) x GIRTH (cm) x LENGTH (cm)  divided by 11877 = WEIGHT (kg)


    = 185 x 185 x 175 divided by 11877  =  504 kg