• New House Farm, Belbroughton Rd, Blakedown DY10 3JH

  • Diagnostic Services

  • X rays

     We are proud to announce the arrival of our new DR x ray machine. Within seconds, images are available for us to see, at the side of your horse, allowing us to make accurate diagnoses at the time, without the need for us to take plates back to the practice for developing. Using wireless technology images are available for us to view on a laptop at the side of your horse.


  • Ultrasound

    Field Equine Vets have a number of ultrasound machines and probes. This allows us to have the best possible images, whether we are scanning for tendon injuries, abdomens or reproductive purposes. Images are then saved and stored on your horse's account for us to keep as a record and for further reference.

  • Laboratory

    Field Equine Vets pride ourselves on providing accurate, efficient results to allow us to diagnose what is wrong with your horse. Within our on- site laboratory we have access to full haematology and biochemical blood analysis, microscopy, urinalysis and worm egg counting. Within an hour we are able to provide blood results for emergency patients, allowing us to care for them in the most appropriate way.