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  • How to check your horse is healthy

  • What you can do to check your horse is healthy

    Whether it is as part of a your daily check, or during a 5 stage vetting the basics of examining a horse are the same. In this section we try to explain how it is you can check the main body systems and ensure your horse is healthy. We talk you through the different body systems and explain what things to look for during an examination.

  • Did you know that 90% of lameness originates from the feet? This is why it is so important to check them thoroughly for any abnormalities. They should be symmetrical in size and appearance and will usually be the same temperature. Common problems associated with the foot are

    - foot abscesses

    - thrush

    - laminitis

    In the video we discuss how to examine the foot and how to check for an increased pulse to the foot- a common finding in abscess cases and laminitis. If the foot is the source of the pain then we will often find

    - heat in the foot

    - pain on pressure with hoof testers

    - increased digital pulse

    (always remember to check thoroughly for any sign of a foreign body and check the coronary band for any evidence of discharge or pain)