• New House Farm, Belbroughton Rd, Blakedown DY10 3JH

  • Our Facilities

  • Location

    Our clinic is based on a large livery yard in Blakedown. We are ideally located to offer rapid response and care for your horse and within easy distance to pick up prescriptions or bring your horse in for further work up if required.

    New House Farm

    Belbroughton Road



    DY10 3JH

  • Stabling

  • Within the clinic we have 2 loose boxes for your horse to stay in throughout their stay. These provide a comfortable environment for your horse to stay overnight if necessary, whether due to hospitalisation or for your convenience should you wish to collect them the next day.

  • Stocks

    A set of stocks allows us to perform more involved procedures, endoscopies, dental examinations and surgeries in a safe controlled environment. Here is a photo of a horse having an extraction of one of his molar teeth under standing sedation and local anaesthesia.

    In the photo is Neil Townsend, a world recognised specialist dental vet. He visits our clinic to perform dental extractions, restorative dental work and other more involved dental procedures.