X-rays form a common part of any lameness work-up. They are used to detect disease relating to bone. Common things that we look for are issues relating to the balance of the horse’s feet, arthritis, laminitis and fractures. X-rays cannot detect soft tissue injuries – involving tendons and ligaments– so other forms of imaging are needed. We can also x-ray your horse’s neck and back if these appear to be a source of pain and a condition such as kissing spine is suspected. Sometimes horses require head x-rays to look for disease relating to the tooth roots and sinuses.

Field Equine Vets are able to take X-rays of your horse at our purpose-built clinic or on your yard, if that is more convenient. Your horse may need to be sedated, depending on their temperament, to ensure the best quality image. Our digital system allows your horse’s x-rays to be emailed to yourself or your farrier if required.

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