Zone, Yard & Weekend Visit Scheme

Zone Visits

We have divided the surrounding area into 2 areas, A and B. Within Zone A the visit fee is £15 and within Zone B the fee is £25. These visits are available on weekdays and are applicable for routine work- vaccinations, teeth rasping, microchipping etc. If there is more than one owner then the visit fee is further reduced.
These zones are the same as those previously used by Clent Hills Equine LLP.

If you would like more information or to book a zone visit then please contact the clinic on 01562 701334 or email us on:

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Yard Visits

We also offer a free yard service for certain yards. At a set time each week we will visit these yards and perform routine work with no visit fee. As the time of the visit is the same each week, it allows you the opportunity to plan your day and not be waiting for a phone call to confirm the time of your appointment.

To register your interest please ensure that you have called the clinic before 1pm on the day before the visit.
Hunters Lodge + Bissell Wood 8.30-10.30am Tuesdays

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Saturday Routine Visits

We appreciate that for many people, work commitments mean that organising an appointment during the week can be very difficult. We are pleased to offer routine appointments for owners on Saturdays to have routine work performed. This allows them to speak face to face with vet and express any concerns they have directly. A standard visit charge applies to these appointments, however they are limited in number so please contact the office before 5pm on Thursday to organise. Dental work is not performed at the weekend.

As you can imagine, at the weekend emergency calls take priority. The time of your appointment is therefore confirmed on the day of the visit by the attending vet.