Lameness Assessment using Equinosis

Equinosis Lameness Locator

The Equinosis lameness locator is an exciting new addition to the practice.

It is a diagnostic tool for lameness investigation that provides an objective assessment of your horse’s gait. Sensors are placed on the horse’s poll, pastern and pelvis which measure the vertical movement of the horse’s body.

The horse is then worked in a straight line and on the lunge; the locator can adjust its measurements to cope with a variety of surfaces. A report is produced, identifying which legs are showing lameness and the phase of the stride in which the lameness occurs; it can be an impact lameness when the leg hits the ground or a push o& lameness as the horse switches leg.

The locator is particularly useful for assessing the response to nerve blocks and in cases of multi-limb lameness. It can also be used to assess a horse’s progress through a rehabilitation programme.