Proactive Healthcare

Targeted Worming Scheme

At Field Equine Vets we can manage all of our clients’ worming needs, either through giving up to date evidence based worming advice or through our own practice worming program devised in conjunction with Diagnosteq and The University of Liverpool.

Key Facts:

  • 20% of horses carry 80% of the worms.
  • 90% of Equine worming treatments performed are unnecessary.
  • Anthelmintic (Wormer) resistance is happening and it is our responsibility as vets and horse owners to reduce the speed its happening and prevent it where possible.
  • Wormers will only work if the correct dosages are used. Weigh horses via weigh-tape or weigh-bridge prior to dosing. Under dosing promotes resistance faster than over dosing.
  • Only adult red worms lay eggs that are detectable in faecal egg counts (FEC). Therefore FECs are only performed at the time of year when adult worms are likely to be active ie. Spring to autumn.
  • When performing FEC’s we recommend worming if the sample exceeds 250 eggs per gram.
  • There is no test for encysted cyathastomes (encysted small red worm) present in the winter months which is the life stage that is most highly associated with colic at re-emergence from the intestinal mucosa in the spring.

Field Equine Vets Complete Worm Management Program

A single one off cost for the year that will allow us to manage all of your horse’s  worming needs. The program includes complete instructions of what to do and when, alongside expert advice and support from the practice vets.

This program ensures that only horses that need treatments are treated and reduces the speed of progression towards anthelmintic resistance.

What’s included?

  • 3 x FEC (1 spring, 1 summer, 1 autumn) and any worming products required following testing.
  • 1 x Equisal Tape Worm Test in autumn to be performed at a time that coincides with the 3rd FEC and any tapeworm treatment required following a positive result
  • 1 x Equest in December to treat for encysted cyathastomes

Benefits of the scheme

  • Identifies at risk horses
  • Prevents unnecessary worming treatments
  • Represents the latest, up to date knowledge in a practical scheme
  • Suitable for yards, small groups and individuals
  • Your horse receives the correct wormer, at the correct time, only if necessary.

Rein It In!! Club

The association between obesity and laminitis is well documented. Every year we see more and more horses and ponies with laminitis and we appreciate that controlling the weight of many native ponies and horses can be very difficult. The Rein It In Club is a completely free club that provides owners all the tools they need to help their horse or pony achieve that waist line they have always wanted!

When you join you receive a free pack with weigh tape, spring scales, a weight chart and information on formulating the correct ration for your horse. This should enable a controlled, structured weight control programme and reduce the number of expensive, painful laminitis cases we see.

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