Alpaca Care

Here in the UK alpacas are the main species of camelid reared. The British Alpaca Society currently has approximately 1000 listed members with nearly 24000 registered alpacas as of April 2010. The UK has the highest numbers of alpacas in Europe.

We have worked closely with Alpacas for a number of years and are proud to offer the following service for our clients:

  • Herd health programmes to include recommendations on worming, vitamin D supplementation, vaccination protocols, preventative measures for coccidiosis and liver fluke, information on body condition scoring, tailored to each individual farm.
  • Blood sampling for TB, general health screens and mycoplasma.
  • Castration
  • General anaesthesia/sedation for short procedures eg. stitching up wounds etc.
  • Portable ultrasound scanner for imaging the chest and abdomen.
  • Hospitalisation facilities if required.
  • Assessment of new born crias including identification of congenital defects, plasma transfusions etc.
  • Skin scrapings, hair plucks and veterinary help with skin disease.
  • Portable X-ray machine for helping diagnose dental and lameness problems
  • Inhouse blood testing and laboratory, including worm egg count and ectoparasite assessment

Worming Programme

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