Riding School Inspections

Claire Brown BVSC MRCVS is approved by the Royal College of Veterinary Surgeons as an inspector of Riding Establishments.

Under the Animal Welfare (Licensing of Activities Involving Animals) Regulations 2018 for England and Riding Establishments Acts 1964 and 1970 for Scotland and Wales, riding establishments are required by law to be licensed by local authorities.


The license may only be issued or denied by the local authority following an inspection and report by a veterinary surgeon who is a member of the RCVS Inspectorate. Licenses are reviewed annually to maintain a safe environment for horses and ponies, staff, riders and members of the public.


Environmental health departments of local authorities have responsibility for enforcing health and safety legislation in riding establishments. They investigate accidents and undertake health and safety inspections which they may carry out during licensing visits. The Chartered Institute of Environmental Health Officers have published guidance on relevant legislation, suggested control measures etc. for use by enforcement officers and proprietors. These are available to download from the CIEH website.

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